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    Post by Amanda on Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:36 am

    just read this on a post on facebook

    Walk in my shoes
    for one single day.
    Then you'll see why
    I need to pray.
    Come live in my home
    for a week or two
    and then remember
    I am just like you.
    I didnt ask for the things I was given
    I didnt choose this road I have taken
    Walk a mile with me hand in hand
    Then perhaps you will understand.

    I'm not really complaining
    about the stress in my life,
    I know that we all have
    some toil and some strife.
    But walk with me, when you think
    I am wrong, walk with me
    and you'll start to belong.
    Embrace my sorrows,
    like they are your own,
    And then you will know me
    And see I have grown.

    The journey I take
    is different from yours
    My life took one of those
    unexpected detours,
    But this road that I travel
    is not really so long,
    If the people who watch me
    will join in my song.
    Listen to my footsteps
    and watch how I dance
    And then you will know me
    and give me a chance.

    Take heart and remember
    It can happen to you,
    who knows where my pathway
    will cross over to you?
    So speak to me softly
    if you can't understand
    Remember I once stood
    right there where you stand.
    And walk with me gently
    when the day is at end.
    And then I will know
    I can call you my friend. ♥

    ~By Susan Meyer

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